Shipping and delivery policy

Effective date: December 27th, 2022

We thank you and appreciate your purchase from the Company through our mobile application “Goldsetu” available on the Google play store and Apple app store (“Mobile App”) or“Website”). The Website and the Mobile App together are referred to as a “B2B Platform.”

Please read the policy, conditions and process mentioned here carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our customer (“Customer”), concerning any purchase the Customer makes through our B2B Platform unless specifically stated otherwise on our product pages or in the offer advertisements. We make every effort to service the order(s) placed with the Company as per the specifications and timelines mentioned against each product. The delivery of the Customer’s order shall be governed by this “Shipping and Delivery Policy”

  • Once the Customer has successfully placed an order on the B2B Platform, and the applicable payment has been made either through our payment gateway or proof of payment has been submitted, the same shall be delivered as per the delivery date mentioned on the order confirmation page at the delivery address provided by the Customer.
  • The responsibility of providing the correct delivery address lies with the Customer and any losses incurred by the Customer or the Company because of the wrong delivery address shall be borne by and/or recovered from the Customer.
  • The delivery shall be done by our logistics partners.
  • The logistics charges (“Logistic Charges”) will be borne by the Customer and are mentioned on our B2B Platform before the order confirmation.
  • Insurance charges (“Insurance Charges”) at the rate of 0.1% will be levied on the final invoice amount.
  • Once the Customer confirms the order on our B2B Platform, the Customer agrees to pay the Logistic Charges and Insurance Charges along with the order amount.
  • The GST charges will be levied as per the prevailing tax structure.
  • The person receiving the shipment has to sign the delivery receipt and needs to show identity proof and give one copy of the same to our logistics partner for our record purpose. If the receiving person denies giving any identity proof, then the courier company may not deliver the shipment.
  • The shipment will not be delivered on a holiday or day of weekly off.
  • All delivery will be made during the sunlight hours for safety reasons.
  • The product delivery will be attempted twice only, after which the shipment will be returned to the Company.
  • Any such undelivered parcel can be delivered again, by payment of corresponding Logistic Charges. Any additional expense arising out of the Customer’s inability to take the delivery shall be borne by the Customer.
  • The delivery shall be deemed to be completed, once the delivery partner has intimated to the Company that the product has been delivered successfully to the required address.
  • All the products shipped to the Customer’s shipping address are 100% insured and comes in a tamper-proof packaging. If the Customer finds the package tampered with, please contact our helpdesk immediately and do not accept the package. No Logistic Charges shall be borne by the Customer in any such case.
  • In case of any change in Customer’s billing and/or shipping address, the Customer should do the following: -
  • Make the necessary amendment in the Customer’s profile section on the B2B Platform
  • Intimate the same to the Company on
  • The process of return shall be governed by our Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy (