The best B2B jewellery app in India - how it helps jewellers thrive

Goldsetu is a leading wholeseller providing gold and diamond jewellery through their state of the art app. The App provides Jewellers a range of tools to run their business effectively.

Modern-day retailers that want to buy high-quality, stylish jewellery at a good price often turn to online wholesale jewellery stores. Jewellers can get a wide range of products, flexible ordering options, and fast, reliable shipping if they work with a reliable online wholesale jewellery supplier like Goldsetu. 

A b2b jewellery app is the perfect place to go if you want to stock your store or sell jewellery through your e-commerce site. With so many styles and designs to choose from, from classic, timeless pieces to fashion jewellery that's right on trend, you're sure to find the right products to meet your customers' needs. This blog will discuss how Goldsetu, with its Jewellery Store App, is leading the wholesale jewellery market in India.

Timeless pieces on buymyJewel store by Goldsetu

The traditional way of sourcing jewellery for store shelves has been a cumbersome process involving a lot of travelling, searching, and bargaining. It can sometimes even take away precious weeks that could have been spent serving customers. Fortunately, there is now an easier and safer method to shop: buymyJewel store by Goldsetu is India's largest online wholesale jewellery store that has taken the industry by storm with its retailer-focused approach. Here are some ways in which b2b jewellery app empowers jewellers to keep their store shelves stocked with their latest designs of gold and diamond jewellery:

1. Wide Range of Collection

Whether you are looking for classic gold jewellery, designer diamonds or something more exclusive like Tanmaniya -- whatever it is you need; buymyJewel store by Goldsetu is sure to have it in stock ready to ship on a demand basis. Furthermore, Goldsetu offers over 45,000 jewellery pieces belonging to different categories like Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Gold chains and many more on the best online jewellery app in India.

A steady stream of new and trending designs is added to the catalogue for you to choose from and provide your customers with dream jewellery. You can also get custom jewellery made to suit your customers' needs and have it delivered to your counter.

2. Create Bespoke jewellery designs for your customers

Once you have chosen a suitable jewellery design for your customers, get in contact with the Goldsetu executive professional designers and discuss possible designs based on your customers' requirements. You will be able to deliver customised jewellery to your client on time with speed delivery from the best online jewellery app in India.

3. Quick and Insured delivery

Buying from other suppliers also means dealing with importing complications, additional taxes, and potential damage to goods during transit. To ensure convenience for its loyal customers, Goldsetu provides safe and secure shipping that is insured for complete peace of mind for you. So you can sit back at home knowing your consignment will get to you safely!

4. Certified Jewellery

When you make a purchase from buymyJewel store by Goldsetu, you are getting bespoke jewellery HUID certified. By investing in certified products from trustworthy brands like Golsetu, the best B2B jewellery app in India, customers benefit from the peace of mind that their purchase is valuable and long-lasting.

5. Other benefits you get when you choose to partner with Goldsetu

Goldsetu's app is the best online jewellery app in India, paving the way for the digital jewellery business. The team gives jewellers a complete solution, which includes a place to buy jewellery (buymyJewel store), a place to manage their business (my store), and a place to promote their business (Marketing).

Through the Goldsetu app's buymyJewel store, jewellery store owners can buy gold and diamond jewellery at wholesale prices. My store lets jewellers handle all of their business tasks, like managing customers, collecting payments, and creating digital catalogues, from a single hub. The app's marketing section gives users digital jewellery banners that they can use to promote their business both offline and online. The Goldestu app is the only b2b jewellery app that gives jewellers more than wholesale prices on the best gold and diamond jewellery.

Final words

When jewellers work with Goldsetu, they can get a wide range of products, different ways to order, and fast, reliable shipping. In India, Jewellery Store App is the market leader in the wholesale jewellery market. You can also have jewellery made to fit your customers' needs and bring it to your counter. The Goldestu app is the only B2B jewellery app that gives jewellers more than wholesale prices on the best gold and diamond jewellery. Customers can be sure that what they buy is good and will last a long time. The best online jewellery app in India enables jewellers to acquire, showcase, promote and sell their collections.