Tested Ways That Will Make Your B2B Jewellery Business Boom

Goldsetu is a revolutionary B2B jewellery app providing retailers with real jewellery & practical jewellery tools to streamline their business operations.

Every jewellery business owner is looking for ways to increase their profits. As a jewellery retailer, you know that running a successful business requires more than just great B2B jewellery. To stay ahead of the competition, you need the right tools and strategies to help you maximise your profits. 

Fortunately, achieving that goal with the right tools and strategies is possible. That's where Goldsetu comes in - our innovative B2B jewellery app is designed to help you grow your business, increase your sales, and improve your overall profitability.

This blog post will explore some key features and ways Goldsetu can help you generate more profit from your jewellery business. So if you're looking for a powerful and effective way to grow your business and increase your profits, read on and discover how we can help you achieve your goals!

Utilise the app's features

Goldsetu app offers a range of features that enable you to expand and grow your business.  Starting with the B2B store feature, you can easily browse over 100 categories and purchase B2B gold jewellery at wholesale prices on aaj ka sone ka bhav.  

In addition to a B2B store, you can create a free eCommerce website for your jewellery business. With your digital shop on the app, you can showcase your products to attract many potential customers. The app also brings you access to social media marketing to help increase sales and build brand awareness. 

Goldsetu's B2B jewellery app, bana jewellers ka operating system
Goldsetu - Jewellery Business App

The business management tools allow you to manage your inventory, track your sales, receive payments from your clients, and track your customers. Goldsetu also provides easy access to trending jewellery designs so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Additionally, you can stay informed about gold rates and make informed decisions regarding pricing and sales.

As the best app for jewellery shopping in India for retailers, the Goldsetu app is committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience to B2B jewellery businesses.  Let's look at how you can utilise each feature to take your business to the next level and generate more revenue.  

1. Purchase in bulk at wholesale prices

For a jewellery store owner to make more profit, you must buy real jewellery in bulk. With our B2B store, we recognise the significance of profits and provide a seamless solution. The B2B store gives you access to extensive collections of gold and diamond B2B jewellery, such as jhumki, gold kanthi, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. 

Every piece of jewellery in the app's B2B store is made with great care and attention to detail and finish. The products display great craftsmanship and are BIS-hallmarked, which means you know you are getting the best products for your business.

Buy gold and diamond jewellery with ease with B2B store of Goldsetu app
B2B Store - Get your gold and diamond jewellery at wholesale prices

We know how important it is to offer competitive prices and high-quality products. That's why we offer our products at wholesale prices, so you can make greater profits selling them to your customers. This is one of the primary advantages of using the best app for jewellery shopping in India for retailers. Let’s take a look at other advantages of the B2B jewellery app in the following sections. 

2. Focus on best-selling products

We can all agree that it's essential to know what customers are buying and then sell products that are in demand. With the Goldsetu app, you don't have to worry about looking for trending jewellery pieces because they are added to our inventory daily. 

With this, you can boost sales and generate more revenue for your B2B gold jewellery company by concentrating on your best-selling items. And with access to the B2B store on our app, you get access to a wide range of products, like jhumki, gold kanthi, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and much more, that customers buy all year round.

Let Goldsetu help you stay ahead of the competition and sell more jewellery through your business. Using the best app for jewellery shopping in India for retailers, you can streamline your buying process and focus on what's most important: selling jewellery that your customers love. 

B2B store with easy access to trending jewellery
Get easy access to Trending Jewellery

3. Manage your inventory

Inventory management is integral to running any business, and the jewellery business is no different.  As a jewellery store owner, it's vital to organise your stock so that you can serve a wide range of customers. Keeping up an extensive collection costs a lot, but Goldsetu App can help you with this.

The app allows you to create a digital inventory of your products, which you can use to exhibit an extensive collection of gold and diamond jewellery as yours to your customers. And once a client selects a design and confirms an order, you can have us deliver the product to your counter in a matter of a few days. 

The My Store feature of the app also lets you look at your sales and see which products your customers buy the most. With this information, you can decide which products to focus on and which to stop selling. 

Our B2B jewellery app empowers you to make an informed decision about your inventory in your store and deliver your customers products that make them happy.

trending gold and diamond jewellery with Goldsetu's My Store feature
Create your digital inventory with Goldsetu

4. Build relationships with customers

Building strong relationships with customers is important for the success of any business, and this is especially true for B2B gold jewellery retailers. With the Goldsetu app, you can do more for your customers than just sell jewellery. You can focus on building long-term relationships with them instead. 

The app gives you access to jewellery that is certified by the BIS Hallmark as being of the highest quality. This gives your customers the confidence they need to trust your business. Building trust and loyalty with your customers can boost your sales and income over time since people who buy from you again tend to spend more. With the best B2B jewellery app at your disposal, you can get more customers and make sure your jewellery business grows.

5. Build promotions

Creating effective promotions can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting sales in the jewellery industry. Goldsetu App provides banners that are ready to use and can be easily modified to show your brand value that attracts more customers. These ready-to-use banners can be used for marketing on social media or put up in the store with your business name in focus. 

Utilise ready to use jewellery template for your business promotion with Marketing feature
Ready to use jewellery banners for your business promotion

By advertising your unique items, you can bring in new customers and get loyal customers that will turn into returning customers. Using these tools can help your business stay in the minds of potential customers and set itself apart from other businesses in the market. With help from these banners, you can run a successful campaign that helps you grow your business and boost sales with the best app for jewellery shopping in India.

In conclusion, the Goldsetu app is the best app for jewellery shopping in India, especially for retailers looking to grow their business. With features such as a B2B jewellery store (B2B store), a digital store, digital inventory, customer management, and marketing tools, it's a one-stop shop for all your jewellery business needs.

You can download the compatible version of the app using the following links.

Goldsetu available on Google Play Store
Goldsetu available on App store