How Goldsetu's Pioneering B2B Jewellery App Helps Boost Your Profits?

Start your jewellery business online and boost its growth with Goldsetu, the best B2B jewellery app for retailers and jewellers.

India's jewellery industry's rapid digitisation has made online shopping more accessible than ever. With the constant release of new jewellery apps, end-consumers can conveniently shop for gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery on their phones. However, there are very few online platforms available for jewellery retailers to streamline their operations.

Obtaining wholesale gold and diamond jewellery online can be challenging for retailers. In many Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, jewellers manage their inventory using traditional methods. Small and medium-sized retail business owners are often overlooked when receiving support and assistance.

When it comes to B2B jewellery apps, retailers only have a handful of options. Among those few choices, Goldsetu stands as a prominent name. We provide retailers online wholesale gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery and a centralised platform with integrated features to streamline your business operations. You can easily download our app from the Play Store or App Store to experience its benefits.

This blog will explore how Goldsetu's App can significantly enhance business operations and boost profits for jewellery retailers. 

Benefits of Running a Jewellery Retail Business with the Goldsetu App

1. Run Your Jewellery Business from Anywhere

Goldsetu offers an ideal solution for jewellery retailers, allowing them to manage their business from anywhere. You will find that the ability to manage your business operations on the go has become a necessity in today's fast-paced business world.. Whether travelling or attending an event, the power to effectively run your business is at your fingertips, thanks to the remarkable capabilities of your trusted B2B jewellery app─Goldsetu. 

Jewellery retailers can manage their business from anywhere with Goldsetu App.
Manage your business from anywhere.

The Goldsetu app provides unparalleled access to every aspect of your business operations. You can easily stock your inventory with exquisite jewellery and facilitate its seamless sale through your smartphone. 

2. Access to the Latest Gold and Diamond Jewellery Designs

In Goldsetu's B2B store, you can explore an extensive range of exquisite gold and diamond jewellery items. You can choose from an impressive selection of 18-karat, 20-karat, and 22-karat gold jewellery alongside 14-karat and 18-karat diamond jewellery categories at competitive pricing. You get access to a wide variety of jewellery categories, like earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc., all from your hand. With daily product additions to the B2B store, we ensure you can access a diverse array of stunning and trending jewellery pieces anytime. 

Latest gold and diamond jewellery designs in B2B store.
Get trending gold and diamond jewellery in one tap.

If you cannot locate a product that aligns with your customer's preferences, you can request a custom order through the app. The retailer support team will assist you in tailoring jewellery pieces per your valued clients' preferences.    

3. Premium Quality Jewellery with Certification

We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment towards delivering your jewellery pieces unparalleled quality for your business. Every piece of B2B store jewellery is meticulously crafted with particular attention to detail. Goldsetu's commitment to maintaining the highest purity standards distinguishes us in the market. It is demonstrated through the purity certificates we procure for each piece of jewellery from reputable organisations like BIS, GIA, IGI, and SGL. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are investing in the highest quality jewellery and craftsmanship.  

Get wholesale gold and diamond jewellery on India's top B2B jewellery business app.
B2B store for all your business requirements.

Nothing is more critical to Goldsetu than ensuring that we provide top-of-the-line, best-quality jewellery to your valued customers. With the fantastic collection in the B2B store, you can rest assured that the jewellery you provide will surpass all their expectations. With top-tier jewellery, you can build customers' trust and solidify your image as a jeweller who sells only the best pieces and designs.

4. Safe, Secured, and Insured Delivery Options

When you place an order with Goldsetu, you can be sure that all your worries about the package's arrival date, safety, and condition will be handled. Goldsetu’s dispatch team handles your wholesale B2B jewellery orders with utmost attention and care. Each piece is packed carefully to ensure it reaches you undamaged. The Goldsetu logistic team goes the extra mile to guarantee your parcel's safety and timely delivery at your counter. 

Once your item is out for transit or delivery, you get regular updates on the app, keeping you informed about where your jewellery shipment has reached. We understand the significance of protecting your investment, particularly during the transit. We offer you complete insurance coverage for your valuable parcels during transit. You can choose to insure your parcel when placing an order to guarantee your investment's safety.  

Get Safe, Secured and Insured delivery of jewellery products to your counter with Goldsetu.
Safe, secure, and insured delivery of your jewellery parcel to your counter.

In addition to ensuring the on-time arrival of your insured package, we also offer "Express Delivery" options. You can buy wholesale gold and diamond jewellery online while ensuring swift delivery right to your counter in less than three days. With Goldsetu, you never have to worry about stalling for time; select the "Express Delivery" option during checkout and sit back to receive your parcel with super speed.

5. E-Commerce Jewellery Website/App

Registering on the Goldsetu App as a retailer gives you access to a personalised jewellery eCommerce website and app customised to meet your business's unique requirements. You get an all-in-one, convenient online platform that you can use to showcase and sell your jewellery collection with your customers. You can curate an exquisite gold and diamond jewellery collection on your website and app, which can then be shared with your customers. 

The website and app are designed to be intuitive and easy to use so your clients can easily browse your jewellery collection at their convenience. With your digital storefront all set for your store, you can efficiently propel your business to new heights of success.

Jewellery eCommerce website and app for your jewellery business with Goldsetu App.
Personalised jewellery ecommerce website and app for your business.

6. Store and Customer Management Tools

Under "My Store," the B2B jewellery app provides a full range of options tailored to the customer and store management. The "My Store" dashboard can be used to manage your collection and improve the customer experience on your digital store. 

Under the "My Store" dashboard, you can easily create digital catalogues for your store, launch a jewellery eCommerce website and app, manage your customers, and send your customers digital catalogues. With these tools at your disposal, all your business operations will be completed in the blink of an eye. 

Once your customers start to visit your website or app, you can use the "Customer" feature in the "My Store" panel to see how popular the jewellery product is. Using this research, you can stock up on jewellery for your shop and promote that set of your jewellery collection to get your clients to buy from you. You can offer your customers attractive ways to save money by using the "Saving Plan" tool. With this tool, you can set up payment plans that you can send to your clients and collect payment directly into your bank. 

So, we can say that "My Store" provides you with the necessary tools to manage your customers and inventory, giving you an edge in the market. 

My Store dashboard on Goldsetu's B2B jewellery app showing easy inventory and customer management tools.
Easy to use customer management tools.

7. Easy Marketing Tools

Establishing a robust online presence is crucial for growing your jewellery business and reaching potential customers. In order to reach your customers, you must be able to showcase your jewellery collection and attract them to visit your offline or online store. To help you reach a large base of customers, the Goldsetu team has thoughtfully integrated a marketing feature within the B2B jewellery app for your business. 

With hundreds of premium jewellery banners at your fingertips, you will have no shortage of captivating visuals to build recognition for your business. You can easily integrate your brand's name into these ready-to-use jewellery banners and elevate your online presence effortlessly. 

Use ready-to-use jewellery banners in Goldsetu's Marketing feature to promote your jewellery business.
Ready to use jewellery banners for your business promotion.

Further, you will find the "Marketing" feature gets regular updates where you can get access to jewellery banners that effortlessly fuse jewellery elements into them. These festive jewellery banners provide your business with the unique opportunity to promote your business today. You can easily promote your business and showcase your jewellery collection while effortlessly spreading the joyous holiday spirit. With the Goldsetu app, you can effortlessly connect with your customers from the comfort of your shop or home.


If you are looking for ways to boost your profits, look no further than Goldsetu. Our simple and easy-to-use B2B jewellery app will empower you to acquire, showcase, market, and sell premium gold, diamond and platinum jewellery to your customers. With digital tools to ease your business operation, it is truly a “Jewellers ka Operating System” in the palm of your hand.

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