Goldsetu's Bandhanam Event Showcases the Number 1 Jewellery App for Jewellers

Goldsetu’s Bandhanam event showcased to retailers why their B2B business app is the best jewellery app for jewellers to take their business digital.

The world of business is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is no easy task. However, businesses that are able to keep up with trends and connect with their audience are the ones that will thrive in the long run. 

Goldsetu, based in Noida, UP, is changing how the jewellery business is done in India with its innovative and intuitive app. The Goldsetu app is a one-stop solution for jewellers who wish to grow and take their business digital. Retailers say it's the best jewellery app for jewellers to use.

The Goldsetu team organised Bandhanam 2023 as an on-ground retailers’ meet to felicitate the retailers who have become digital avatars. It was a heartwarming event where our retailers were celebrated for their digital transformation. It gave them a unique chance to learn about Goldsetu's products and services within the app in person. In this article, we'll discuss what happened at the event and learn more about the Goldsetu App, which is more than just a gold and diamond jewellery procurement app.

About Bandhanam Feb 2023 

On February 4, 2023, the Goldsetu calendar got a new page with Bandhanam in Kanpur. Bandhanam is a flag-ship event where jewellers meet Goldsetu's experts and other experts from the jewellery industry. The event was a way to honour the digital jewellers of India, who adopted technology to grow their businesses and make digital versions of their work.

The event provided an opportunity for budding and established jewellers looking for ideas and ways to grow their businesses. Goldsetu reaffirmed its commitment to giving them the best jewellery and bringing them one step closer to the digital world.

The event also allowed Goldsetu to showcase retailers and other people who work in the jewellery business, the best gold, platinum, and diamond jewellery app in India.

Jewellery Exhibition at Bandhanam

At the jewellery show, retailers saw both the latest fashion trends and classic pieces that will never go out of style. Several high-quality gold and diamond jewellery pieces, like the latest Rani haar designs, chains, and ladies and gents rings, were on display. 

jewellery exhibition, Bandhanam 2023
Jewellery Exhibition at Bandhanam 2023

Retailers were excited to see the same jewellery pieces on the B2B store of the Goldsetu app. The Goldsetu team showcased several app features, such as My Store, a personalised website, the “Marketing” feature, and how to navigate various app categories. Retailers were awe-struck by the sincerity and diligence of the Goldsetu team in handling the jewellery with care. The retailers recognised what makes the Goldsetu app the best jewellery app in India. 

Talks in Bandhanam 

Over 400 well-known retailers from Kanpur and the nearby areas came to the event and were very happy about it. The expert panel comprised Ramanand Mandel, the GST Expert Counsel, and Mr. Rachit Arora, an expert in product quality and design. He talked about the quality of the product and how it affects the purchasing power of the customers. Whereas, Ramananad explained the importance of doing jewellery business with a GST ID and the benefits Goldsetu can bring to the table. 

B2B jewellery event, Bandhanam 2023
Chai pe Charcha at Bandhanam 2023

The talks aligned with Goldsetu's goal of empowering retailers and taking their business digital. After the panel discussion, there was a "Chai pe Charcha" session where experts met with the retailers to answer their other questions. 

A few questions retailers asked included:

  • How to order customisation for Jewellery for my customer?
  • What is digital inventory, and what are its benefits?
  • Why are BIS, IGI, and HUID certifications important?
  • Why must I get a GST ID for my jewellery business?
  • How do I maintain my ledgers to ease my tax filing at the end of the financial year?

Prominent Features of the Goldsetu App - Best Jewellery App for Jewellers

The Goldsetu App is the same issue here that offers retailers a wide range of products, including the latest Rani Haar designs, jhumki designs, and many more. It provides retailers with a platform to purchase and sell jewellery to their customers. 

1. Thousands of Jewellery Designs

Goldsetu's app allows retailers to choose from more than 1 lakh trendy jewellery designs. The app has carefully curated 18K, 20K, and 22K B2B gold and diamond jewellery that fits traditional and modern tastes. All the jewellery items are categorised for a seamless user interface. It also has diamond jewellery with different cuts and  clarity levels.

online jewellery shopping from B2B Store by Goldsetu
B2B Store by Goldsetu

The app makes it easy for jewellers to change the weights and carats of the designs so they can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. With a friendly and helpful customer service team, jewellers can quickly explain their needs and get the custom design they want. The Goldsetu app gives jewellers' customers a personalised shopping experience. This makes their business stand out in the crowded jewellery market.

2. Insured and Speedy Logistics

Retailers are offered speedy and insured logistics on all orders made through the Goldsetu app. The insurance also covers the jewellery products in transit, ensuring the jewellers' investment is safe at every transportation stage. The parcel reaches the jeweller in three to ten days with HUID certification. The Goldsetu App, infused with modern-day technology, is helping jewellers stock up their inventory with almost no risk. 

3. Ingenious Marketing Feature

Another prominent feature of the app that makes it stand out from its competitors is its unique marketing feature. The app provides jewellers with hundreds of ready-to-use wishing and jewellery banners that display the retailer’s business name. They can choose the perfect banner that suits their brand and promotes their latest jewellery collection.

During the Bandhanam event, several jewellers appreciated Goldsetu’s step in helping them create jewellery banners with a few taps in the app. With marketing features, they can share these banners displaying their firm name on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The story mode can also help retailers post stories on Instagram and WhatsApp to allure new potential customers. 

ready to use Marketing banners by Goldsetu
Marketing Feature of Goldsetu App

4. Create Digital Inventory

Jewellers discovered that with a few taps in the “My Store” feature, they might create digital catalogues for the latest rani haar designs, bold men's ring designs, beautiful jhumki designs, and many others. These digital catalogues serve as jewellers’ “digital inventory” that can be easily shared with their potential customers over WhatsApp.

Retailers discovered that with digital inventory, they do not necessarily need to have the physical stock in their stores. They can showcase a wide variety of jewellery designs to their customers and then place an order once the customer places an order. Several retailers explored this feature, and a few used it to create their digital inventory towards the end of the event.

5. Personalised Website

Once the retailer registers on the Goldsetu app, they are provided with a personalised website and an app where they can create a digital showroom for their customers. The website is optimised for mobile phones and is easy to share over social media platforms. 

The shopping shelves, brand name, and logo can be easily accessed and updated with the “My Store” feature of the app. Retailers can also set gold rates for their stores and offer savings plans to their customers. 

6. Receive Payments from Customers

Retailers were excited to know they could confirm orders and then use the “Payment” feature to collect payments online. Retailers found this process easier to use to collect customer payments while maintaining a thorough ledger. 

They found that the app is more than just a B2B gold and diamond jewellery app. It is a complete solution to all the jewellery business needs. 


The event ended well, and retailers were well-informed about Goldsetu App, giving them more faith in the team's business operation. Retailers realised why Goldsetu was not just a typical jewellery app but the best jewellery app for their business. Retailers appreciated how well the app's jewellery presentation and authentic look went together. Many retailers now agree that Goldsetu only sells gold and diamond jewellery of the highest quality and standards through its online store.

Retailers appreciate that they can acquire VSFG-grade diamond jewellery at the best prices through the B2B Store. Jewellers discovered why Goldsetu had earned the reputation of being more than just a gold and diamond jewellery app by attending Bandhanam 2023. Retailers can download the app or contact us here to provide perfection to their customers.