Goldsetu a Leading B2B Jewellery App for All Your Business Needs

With its innovative and intuitive jewellery shopping app designed specifically for jewellers, Goldsetu is bringing about a sea change in the jewellery business.

India is rolling towards a digital economy with the help of many successful start-ups and existing players who are incorporating technology into their businesses. Indian jewellery business is being rapidly digitised with many jewellery apps in the market.  These apps are empowering the Indian masses to shop from the comfort of their homes and receive fine jewellery at their home. But, very few attempts have been made to empower the nation's jewellers.

Goldsetu team has taken on the challenge to digitise the jewellery industry with their easy-to-use app. The app allows retailers to not only purchase but do more. The app enables jewellers like you to open a digital store and run all your business operations from one place.  It is apt to name the app the best B2B online jewellery business portal. In this blog, we will discuss about Goldsetu and its brand-new app in detail.

About Goldsetu 

Goldsetu is a SaaS start-up company that helps jewellers with all their business needs. The group is revolutionising the B2B jewellery industry with its state-of-the-art app by helping Tier 2 and Tier 3 jewellers in India. In 2022, Inc42 included Goldsetu in its top 30 startups of 2022 (Source: Inc42). The Goldsetu team's revolutionary app lets jewellers and other professionals in the jewellery industry run their businesses with just a few taps on their phones. The app makes it easy for jewellers across India to run their businesses without a lot of stress.

Features of Goldsetu - Jewellery Store App

Goldsetu App is unique among b2b jewellery shopping apps because it offers a complete solution for the jewellery business. In the following few sections, we will discuss the features of the new Jewellery business app - Goldsetu.

Latest Jewellery Designs

One of the best things about Goldsetu’s app is that it lets all jewellers access more than 45,000 jewellery designs and hundreds of fresh designs uploaded every day for their customers. The "buymyjewel store" is your one-stop shop for the newest designs of HUID-certified gold jewellery. The app has a collection of 18K, 20K, and 22K gold jewellery that is carefully curated.  

You can offer your customers styles that reflect traditional values or just flaunt the trendy modern look. The jewellery app constantly gets updated with new jewellery pieces added to it, making it an excellent place to get jewellery for your clients. You can get your hands on diamond jewellery to get the best bang for your buck. From round cuts to princess cuts, you can find pristine diamonds of all cuts and clarity that will make your customers fall in love with them. 

If none of the designs impresses your client, you can offer them custom jewellery with the app's help. Custom jewellery design lets you make jewellery that can fulfil all your client’s requirements. It is easy to order custom jewellery to give your customer an elevated experience of jewellery shopping.

Digital Store

The Goldsetu App enables all the jewellers and retailers registering on the app to have a digital store. When registering on the app, you can personalise your digital store with your shop's logo and name. You get much more than just a digital storefront with their Jewellery shopping app. You can create a digital catalogue, customise the storefront, collect payment from your clients, and offer saving schemes, making it more than just a B2B online jewellery business app. Let us discuss a few advantages of creating a digital jewellery store through the app.

One-Place to Manage Your Business

You can manage your digital store in the app's "My Store" section. You get a website that flaunts your store's logo and name, which can be personalised with a banner of your choice. The website is optimised for mobile phones but is accessible from any smart device. 

Your customers can easily shop through the website, place an order, and pay through the secured payment options. The app consolidates all order and payment information into a single location. Large-scale jewellers can manage multiple stores through the app's “Store” tab without worry. All in all, with so many wonderful and practical features, it is more than just a jewellery app. The app provides you with streamlined digital store operations with its "my store" feature.

Digital Shopping Window 

The app allows you to choose from thousands of the latest jewellery designs and present them to your customer. With a few taps on the preferred jewellery in the design bank, upload it to your website for your customers to see. It is an easy and quick process to update your inventory online. 

These features make it easy to update your inventory for yourself and your digital store. With the help of the “Design Bank” and “Catalog” features of this B2B online jewellery business app, you can create personalised catalogues per your customer's requirements. With a few taps, you can easily share these catalogues with your customers on WhatsApp.  

Easy Savings Scheme Maintenance

The Goldsetu jewellery App provides you with a complete solution for creating, maintaining and promoting saving schemes from your counter. You can offer your client custom saving schemes through the “Saving Plans”. 

You can even promote it on your digital store using the marketing feature of the app. The app simplifies and digitises your record-keeping when it comes to saving schemes. All of the steps that the app lays out are simple to grasp.

Easy Marketing

The marketing features are what set the Goldsetu app apart from its competitors. With this unique B2B online jewellery business app's marketing feature, you can see hundreds of banners for jewellery that looks good. These banners are set up, so it's easy to put them on your Instagram or WhatsApp story. Their jewellery shopping app lets you choose whether to use these banners to promote your jewellery or to send your customers warm wishes.

With several tags for each category and Indian festival, getting the word out about your online jewellery store is easy. With the help of a digital store and marketing features, you can easily reach a large number of customers with just a few taps on your phone. With these jewellery banners, you can direct your customer to your website, providing them access to your complete inventory.

Final Words

Jewellery Apps are a quick and easy way for jewellers to stock up on the stock. There are a lot of jewellery shopping apps for buying fancy jewellery, but only a few apps, like Goldestu, deal in fine jewellery. Goldsetu's Jewellery business app is changing the Indian jewellery industry in ways other B2B online jewellery business portals aren't. They are digitising both small-scale and large-scale jewellery businesses with their app. They have enabled over 5k jewellers to purchase thousands of the latest jewellery designs, market them and sell the pieces to their clients through one single app.