A revolutionary Jewellers App for your Business

Goldsetu's Jewellers App offers a complete digital solution to jewellers, from wholesale prices to marketing to streamline business operations.

Indian jewellery market saw a boom in wedding jewellery purchases for the first time in 2022, two years after the pandemic lockdown. With the market looking promising for the first wedding season of 2023, jewellers started stocking their inventory with the best-looking designs. But, as the first wedding season was around the corner, gold prices saw a sudden increase. Jewellers began looking for a Jewellers app that could help them digitise their business. This advent in the B2B jewellery industry is taking it through a digital revolution like never before. Digitisation has become an essential part of business growth in the jewellery industry. 

In order to get more return on their investments, several jewellers are choosing to go digital. Retailers who have adopted the digital revolution find it easy to create and maintain digital inventory and stay connected with their customers.

Join us to learn about the latest B2B jewellery industry trends and how jewellers are taking advantage of digitisation by partnering with Goldsetu, the only Jewellers App. We will look at the B2B jewellery app features to see how they can help jewellers in a snowballing market.

Challenges Indian Jewellers are facing

At the moment, there is a lot of demand in the Indian jewellery industry, which has made it hard to keep up with supply needs. Jewellers spend a lot of money on stock to meet customer demand. But because prices are rising, jewellers find it challenging to attract new customers. No matter how often you check “aaj ka sone ka bhav,” you can see it only going up.

However, as digitisation grows in popularity, jewellers are becoming more inventive in devising new ways to streamline their businesses and provide customers with a better shopping experience. Jewellers are taking their business into the digital age with the Jewellers App, Goldsetu.

Benefits of Jewellers App

The B2B jewellery app from Goldsetu offers much to jewellers who want to distinguish their brand in the market with them being digital avatars. The app lets jewellers offer their customers the newest HUID-certified gold jewellery designs. It has more than 1 lakh jewellery items for retailers to choose from. Jewellers can easily find jewellery made from 18K, 20K, and 22K gold in traditional and modern styles. Retailers can also get jewellery made of diamonds with different cuts and levels of clarity. If jewellers wish to check aaj ka sone ka bhav, they can quickly check it on the app's homepage.

The easy customisation feature of the “jewellers app” lets retailers make one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that meet the needs of their customers. The safe and insured delivery also makes sure that their orders arrive safely. The app also has a marketing feature that lets you share well-designed jewellery banners on social media. It makes it easy to promote your business and reach more customers.

Goldsetu's B2B Jewellery App Transforming Jewellery Business

The Goldsetu app is a one-stop shop for jewellers that helps their business in many ways. Jewellers can stock their stores with high-quality items by purchasing gold and diamond jewellery at wholesale prices from the buymyjewel store. Also, the app's "My Store" feature makes it easy to manage customers, payments, and digital catalogues all from one place. The jewellers app also provides easy access to aaj ka sone ka bhav, as jewellers say, easily through the app.

Jewellers can save money using the "My Store" feature to create a digital inventory for their shop and offer buyers their dream jewellery. But creating a digital inventory and giving customers the best jewellery will surely increase sales and provide a significant return on their investment.

The marketing section of the Goldsetu app is one of its best features. The B2B jewellery app gives jewellers access to digital jewellery banners that they can use to promote their business online and offline. With many marketing tools, jewellers can easily reach out to potential customers and showcase their products.

In addition to the above benefits, Goldsetu's app is known for its excellent customer service and fast delivery options. The Goldsetu team ensures safe and secure delivery of jewellery items to the retailer’s counter. The shipped jewellery always arrives in carefully packed parcels, unharmed during the shipping. With so many features, the Goldsetu app is a reliable and trustworthy business partner for jewellers stepping into the digital world.


Jewellers are looking for digital solutions to help them run their businesses more smoothly and give their customers a better experience. Goldsetu, a jewellers app, is assisting the jewellery industry in going digital. The app has many benefits, such as access to gold jewellery designs with HUID certification, making customised jewellery, safe and insured shipping, and marketing tools. The "My Store" feature lets you manage business tasks, and "aaj ka sone ka bhav" is easy to get. For jewellers who want to do well in the digital jewellery business, the B2B jewellery app is a reliable and trustworthy partner. It has excellent customer service and options for fast delivery.