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Sales and purchase management for jewellery stores

We help you modernize your jewellery business with end-to-end store management tools. From the latest designs to digital experiences for your customers - we have you covered!

Powerful B2B Commerce

Access the best designs without dealing with multiple manufacturers

  • Display thousands of latest e-commerce-ready designs to your customers without adding data manually to your stock management system

  • Search designs by photo and discover similar patterns

  • Request design/product customizations

  • Competitive prices, flexible payments, and quick delivery

  • Buy more and activate a credit line (Buy Now Pay Later)

Manage all your orders and workflows on one system

  • Get aggregated orders from large pool of retailers

  • Track end-to-end job orders

  • Automate invoicing and payment collection

  • Fast pickup of completed orders with secure logistics

  • Get access to credit

Create a powerful website and app for your store

  • Display your designs using public or private (OTP verified) catalogues with easy-to-use features like access control, background removal, and image enhancement

  • Customers can search your designs by photo - powered by Machine Learning

  • Your designs are automatically added to Google - now more people can discover your store and products

  • Manage customer preferences and orders online

Delight your customers


Upsell with digital instant loans.Run subvention schemes to offer loans at lower interest rates

Gold saving schemes

Create and market saving schemes with a digital passbook, WhatsApp notifications, and online payments


Add insurance to the invoice and help your customers secure their jewellery

Manage stock, invoices, and payments for multiple stores

  • Easy management and reconciliation of your stock

  • Identify fast-moving designs

  • Get auto-recommendation from Goldsetu B2B e-commerce store about designs similar to your fast-moving designs

  • Generate invoices and collect advance/full payments digitally

Take your business to the next level!

Run marketing campaigns with beautiful creatives and social posts

  • Showcase your products on attractive templates

  • Automate WhatsApp marketing and build a strong brand recall

Tally and banking software integration

  • Automate management of purchase and sales files, invoices, and payments.

  • Goldsetu's stock management system comes pre-integrated with modern banking and accounting software

Our Investors

2am VC

Broom Ventures

Village Global


Avaana Seed

Better Capital

Cloud Capital

Magic Fund

Titan Capital

Kunal Shah, Founder CRED

Harshil Mathur & Shashank Kumar, Founders Razorpay

Varun Alagh, Founder Mamaearth

Akshay Saxena (Amplify), Founder Avanti

Suhail Sameer, CEO BharatPe

t2d3 Capital


Vikas Verma

Co-Founder, CEO

Anuj Sachdev


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you connect retailers to manufacturers for B2B commerce?

No, we are not a connector. We sell jewellery to retailers by procuring from manufacturers. You don't have to deal with multiple manufacturers.

What are the terms (delivery timeline, pricing, payments, etc.) of buying jewellery from Goldsetu?

The terms vary for different products. Please feel free to enquire about the products that you would like to order.

Who are your manufacturer partners?

We have manufacturing partnerships across India that allow us to cater to your different requirements.

Can I use the Goldsetu app on my laptop?

We are in the process of releasing a web version of the Goldsetu mobile app.

Where is Goldsetu located?

We are present pan-India. Retailers from more than 20 states use the Goldsetu app.

When did Goldsetu start?

We launched the beta version of our app in March 2022.

Why can't I see all the features on the Goldsetu app as mentioned on your website?

We build and test features with a small group of users before releasing them to all the users. This helps us in improving the product significantly and makes it highly useful for you. If you would like to be the early users of a feature then please WhatsApp us on +917506181060 and we will be happy to work with you.

Can I connect my ERP software to Goldsetu?

We can have a chat about it. However, most of the current ERP solutions in the market are quite archaic and you are better off to use Goldsetu's modern ERP solutions.

Can I connect my payment gateway to Goldsetu?

It is better if you use our pre-integrated payment gateway as you get the benefit of a fully managed product as well as competitive pricing.

Can I connect my web domain to the website created by Goldsetu?

Yes, please WhatsApp us on +917506181060 and we will help you.

Can I get a mobile app for my store?

Yes, we auto-generate a website as well as a progressive web app for your store. Your customers can click on "Download App" button on your website and get the app. A progressive web app is a lightweight app that works just like a mobile app downloaded from the Play Store/App Store.

Can I do a bulk upload of all my designs/products?

Yes, we will assist you in doing a bulk upload. Please WhatsApp us on +917506181060.